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The coffee industry has been evolving in recent years and enjoying an astounding amount of innovation for a beverage that has been around for hundreds of years. If you are new to coffee or have always stuck to your old, familiar favorite, you may not be sure what some of the new coffee products are. Like most people, you also do not want to ask. Hav-a-Cup would like to lend you a helping hand with this handy glossary of fancy coffee terms that will not seem so intimidating once you know why they are being used.

Espresso is a strong coffee brewed by forcing steam through ground coffee beans. The main difference between this and your standard coffee is the strength and caffeine content. Espresso is often combined with other ingredients for flavor.

Latte simply means that the drink contains milk or cream. Since heavy cream or half-and-half gives a creamier texture, coffee shops often use these rather than the milk you use at home.

Cappuccino is espresso and steamed milk. The foamy top on cappuccino is froth from pressurizing this combination.

Mocha simply means that chocolate flavor or syrup is involved.

Frappe indicates that your drink is blended with ice.

Macchiato has a bit of steamed milk on top of espresso. This differs from a cappuccino in that it is not blended and pressurized, so no foam.

As you can see, many of these terms are being used simply to make that $5 coffee seem like a good deal. Latte sounds much more sophisticated than milk, so coffee shops are capitalizing on it. Save money on great coffee for your business by using Hav-a-Cup instead.

We will deliver all of your favorite coffee products to your breakroom for coffee shop quality at a fraction of the price. Use our convenient online ordering system or call us today for more information.

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