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The USDA has recently released guidelines for 2015, letting us know which of our eating and drinking habits should be left behind and which should be encouraged. The great news is that coffee has, once again, been noted for its benefits.

Coffee drinkers who consume 3-5 cups per day are happy to hear that this level of coffee, and most notably caffeine, is considered part of a healthy diet. Though coffee has been under attack in the past, recent studies have demonstrated that some caffeine is a normal part of balanced, healthy eating. Keeping your caffeine intake below 400 mg continues to be the recommendation.

Those drinks that are earning risk warnings from the USDA are the wildly popular energy drinks. A novelty just a few years ago, energy drinks have become an everyday reality for many Americans. This trend has food scientists concerned about the dangerous ingredients included in some of these beverages and the extreme caffeine intake. Steer clear of these toxic combinations and stick to all-natural coffee for the boost that you need. The USDA advises that children not drink any form of energy drinks, but coffee and tea are fine for them too.

Coffee is recognized as even having some health benefits, such as lowering risk of some cancers and other diseases. The element that sometimes has a detrimental effect on the healthiness of our coffee is what we add to it. If you are having a little bit of coffee with your creamer, you should be aware of the higher calorie count and grams of sugar that you are taking in. Otherwise, coffee has official approval from the USDA and you can drink up without guilt!

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