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Is having coffee in your cup just not enough? We have some great ways to add coffee to your cooking, too! In many cases, brewed coffee can be substituted in recipes for water to give your favorite foods an exotic new flavor. Here are some of our favorites that you can try.

Brownies – Adding coffee to your brownies in place of the recipe’s water might not give it a strong coffee flavor, but it will enhance the chocolate flavor. This is a great way to make those convenient boxed mixes taste like homemade. This flavor boost works for banana bread and your other favorite baked goods as well.

Vinaigrette dressing – The next time you are making a vinaigrette for your salad, consider including a couple tablespoons of coffee. A simple one to try includes equal measures of coffee, vinegar, and maple syrup. Perfect over your favorite greens.

Steak rub – Looking for a new flavorful rub the next time you fire up the grill? Add finely ground coffee to your spices for a blend that you will want to use again and again. Try on pork or chicken too!

What is your favorite way to use coffee in your cooking?

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