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Since 1886, when the first glasses of Coca-Cola were sold for 5 cents each, Coke and Diet Coke have become an American institution. In order to stand out from competitive copy-cat beverages, Coca-Cola, which had skyrocketed in popularity by that time, developed their trademark glass bottle in 1916. The distinctive shape continues to be a recognized symbol across the world, despite the fact that Coke is rarely sold in them today.

Coke is one of the world’s most well-known and beloved brands with almost 2 billion servings sold each day across the globe. You read that right. Two billion. Every single day.

Why do we love Coke the way we do? Is it that a fizzy glass of icy Coke seems to quench thirst like nothing else? Maybe we love the sweet taste that has been a favorite for well over 100 years. Maybe it is simply nostalgia that draws us to this American tradition. Whatever it is, Coke doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

Diet Coke was introduced in 1982 in response to concerns that drinking those billions of servings of Coke was causing people to drink too many calories. As Americans started to become more aware of nutrition and our growing waistlines, Diet Coke was invented to give people an option that has the great taste of Coke without the calories.

If your break room simply must have Coke and Diet Coke stocked right next to the coffee and tea, Hav-a-Cup is ready to help. With Coke and Diet Coke included in their extensive list of products available for delivery service, you can keep everyone in the office happy.

Serving the Asheville, Charlotte, and Winston-Salem regions of North Carolina, Hav-a-Cup is considered a leader in office coffee service. Our convenient delivery and friendly customer service will simplify the work of keeping your break room fully stocked. Simply place your order online, and your products appear at your door.

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