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Since 1965, when James Schlatter accidentally created aspartame, Equal has lead the industry in artificial sweeteners. He knew as soon as he tasted the sweetness on his fingers during his research with amino acids that he had made an important discovery, especially for the benefit of diabetics and others who struggle with weight control.

Long used in Europe, aspartame was approved for use in the US in 1981 and is now in most homes and in thousands of processed food and drink products. Research has continued, resulting in four separate sweetener options now offered by Equal.

Original Equal are the little blue packets found at restaurants, available in stores, and recognized around the world as zero calorie sweetener. This original aspartame flavor is what most people think of when they ask for Equal.

Equal Sucralose is a formula similar to brand name Splenda, and is sold in yellow packets. As the name indicates, the sweetener is sucralose rather than aspartame. It is ideal for in the kitchen for low calorie baking and cooking.

Equal Saccharin, packaged in pink, is a sweetener option for those who cannot use other sweetener products. It is several times sweeter than standard sugar, therefore only a small amount is required for adequate sweetening. Early studies created fears that saccharin may increase cancer risk, but these concerns have since been unfounded.

Equal Next is the latest development by Equal combining a blend of Equal Saccharin and the original Aspartame. Creating the most sugar-like flavor of all their sweeteners, Equal Next was formulated especially to optimize sweetener flavor. It is available in a white Equal packet.

Each of these sweeteners from the most trusted name in sweeteners are available through Hav-a-Cup coffee delivery service in North Carolina. As the leader in office coffee services in the Charlotte, Asheville, and Winston-Salem regions, Hav-a-Cup is proud to offer top quality products such as Equal sweeteners.

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