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Green Mountain Coffee is a unique brand of coffee with a unique story. Located in Waterbury, Vermont, the company gets its beans from mountains in Mexico and Tanzania.

In Mexico, the coffee beans that make up Green Mountain Coffee come from a professional cooperative. The beans have come from the same farm since 1996. The company considers members of te Uniόn Regional de Pequeños Productores de Café a part of the Green Mountain team.

The Tanzanian coffee beans are grown by small farmers near Gombe National Park, where Dr. Jane Goodall performed her well-known research on chimpanzees. It’s the perfect environment for growing coffee.

The process of making Green Mountain Coffee is just as fascinating as the coffee itself. After farming its beans, the company moves them to their roasting factory where master roasters work with each bean to bring out the very best character and flavor. The beans are browned and then sent to blend.

If you want to know where the magic is in Green Mountain Coffee, company directors say it’s in the blending. Flavors are added to mix a special blend or to create a house roast, and once the blending process is over, the company packages its product and sends it out to be sold. If you’ve ever tasted a cup of Green Mountain Coffee, then you know how special each cup really is.

Buyers of Green Mountain Coffee can choose which coffee they want based on origin, including American blends from Hawaii, Central America, and South America as well as African coffees and Indonesian blends. You can also choose your favorite roast: Light, Medium, or Dark. If that’s not enough, you can have your favorite brewing method by choosing from Keurig single-cup brewers, French press, and auto-drip coffee makers.

Green Mountain Coffee is a premium coffee manufacturer with premium coffee beans and premium blends. Their story is an original.

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