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People have been taking the Nestea plunge since 1948. Their name is almost synonymous with refreshment, bringing to mind the vision of carelessly falling back into a cool, clean pool of clear water. Ice tea has been a favorite around the world for centuries, but Nestea has modernized this classic and made it easily portable.

Sweet tea is more than a Southern tradition. Sweetened and unsweetened tea are consumed by the gallons around the world. In fact, greater varieties of green, black, and red teas seem to become available each day. Nestea has included many of these advances into their ready-to-drink offerings.

Fruit flavors and diet varieties are now available, offering something for everyone. With the caffeine of a mug of tea and the refreshing coolness of a glass of ice water, Nestea is a perfect addition to your office break room.

Hav-a-Cup provides Nestea along with their wide variety of office coffee service supplies for convenient delivery. Far from your basic coffee delivery, Hav-a-Cup offers everything that you need to keep your employees and customers comfortable with beverages, snacks, and supplies for your break room.

Operating throughout the Winston-Salem, Charlotte, and Asheville regions of North Carolina, Hav-a-Cup has established themselves as a leader in the coffee delivery industry. Imagine placing your order online and finding everything you need quickly delivered to your door.

Contact Hav-a-Cup today and join hundreds of clients that enjoy friendly customer service and convenient delivery of supplies. Considering our service? Call today and get a free trial.

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