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Fair Trade certified, 100% organic, and Blue Ribbon kosher, there is much to love about Café Classics Roaster’s Select coffee. For a dark, flavorful brew made from only the very best organically grown coffee beans, Roaster’s Select is a well-balanced brew that will please all of the coffee lovers in your office.

As a Fair Trade certified coffee, Roaster’s Select coffee can be enjoyed knowing that it comes from coffee beans that are part of an innovative push to improve ingredients and growing processes. Developing countries gain support through Fair Trade, enabling small growers with old fashioned organic coffee farms to sell their harvest at prices that support them fairly. Each Fair Trade coffee grower uses environmentally friendly, sustainable processes that ensures a top quality product.

Since Roaster’s Select is 100% organic, you can rest assured that no harmful chemicals or preservatives were used in the growing or processing of this delicious coffee.

The Blue Ribbon kosher certification assures everyone in your office that Roaster’s Select coffee also meets the most demanding standards for kosher foods.

Café Classics’ Roaster’s Select is a coffee that exceeds even the most exacting coffee standards. Everyone in your office will love the flavor and the convenient fraction packs that this amazing coffee comes in. Premeasured coffee in fully enclosed filter packs ensure that the perfect pot of coffee is brewed every time without the mess of old fashioned coffee filters.

The best coffee is delivered to your door by Hav-a-Cup, serving the Winston-Salem, Charlotte, and Asheville regions with friendly, convenient office coffee service. Receive great coffee like Roaster’s Select on a convenient schedule with easy online ordering and a wide selection of products. Contact us today for a free trial!

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