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Splenda offers coffee drinkers a healthy option for sweetening their beverages without packing on calories. A long trusted name as a sugar alternative, Splenda is highly recognized for its little yellow packets. Splenda is developed starting with all natural sugar, which gives its excellent flavor that is like sugar without the calories.

Starting with high quality sugar, the Splenda formula of sucralose is created by taking the best of the natural sugar and combining it with the healthy ingredients that allow for sweet taste without the effect on our waistline.

Because Splenda is a sugar derivative of sugar, it can be used in much the same way for the same flavor as sugar in drinks, cooking, and baking. It is a helpful discovery that has allowed millions of people to take control of their struggles with diabetes and weight control.

Since their founding, Splenda has developed many related sweetener products including brown sugar and baking granules. For coffee, Splenda has created flavored sweetener packets, such as French Vanilla, Mocha, and Hazelnut.

Splenda is just one of many excellent products available for office coffee delivery service through Hav-a-Cup. The leader in North Carolina coffee service, Hav-a-Cup ensures that you always have the coffee, tea, and break room supplies that your office needs for happy employees and customers. With everything you need delivered right to your door, you never need to worry about running our or who has to make the run to the store.

Operating throughout the Asheville, Winston-Salem, and Charlotte regions, Hav-a-Cup provides friendly service, reasonable prices, and great products like Splenda for convenient delivery. Contact us today to discover how you can get a free trial for your office!

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