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If you are looking for an intense coffee flavor that truly lives up to its name, look no further than the Velvet Hammer Blend coffee. This certified Fair Trade Organic coffee is lauded as the “Coffee lover’s coffee” for good reason. While delivering some of the most powerful flavors available in coffee, Velvet Hammer is created through environmentally friendly processes that support fair trade and small coffee growers.

Ideal for the most discriminating coffee drinkers, Velvet Hammer delivers fresh, top quality ingredients for an unforgettable, robust flavor. Available in convenient fraction packs, a pot of Velvet Hammer is perfectly portioned and mess-free every time. Premeasured and enclosed fraction packs take the place of inconvenient old fashioned coffee filters that everyone in the office avoids cleaning up and take the mystery out of how much coffee to use.

The Fair Trade certification on Velvet Hammer Blend indicates that you are also receiving coffee that has been developed with long term sustainability in mind. By focusing on small coffee growers in developing countries and processes that are earth friendly, Fair Trade coffee is economically and environmentally the very best coffee that you can buy. Each customer is also guaranteed to receive a product with the highest level of quality and flavor.

Hav-a-Cup is proud to support the objectives of Fair Trade coffee and offer Velvet Hammer Blend to its office coffee delivery clients across the Carolinas. With convenient coffee and breakroom supply delivery from Hav-a-Cup, your office can enjoy great coffee like Velvet Hammer simply by placing a quick online order or short phone call. We look forward to serving your office with top quality coffee and supplies.


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