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If you didn’t think that drinking coffee could be high-tech, you need to experience the virtual reality experiences made possible by a partnership between Nescafe and Google. You will enjoy what is most important of all: delicious coffee. Nescafe has found a way to make your coffee break a fully immersive experience. You can try to imagine it. Close your eyes and taste rich coffee flavor while inhaling the aromatic fragrance of your fresh brew. You are feeling cozy and rejuvenated, and it only gets better when you open your eyes to find yourself surrounded by the green fields of a Brazilian coffee plantation.How will they do it? It is surprisingly simple. All you need is the Nescafe 360 app on your smartphone and a Nescafe virtual reality viewer. Launched on International Coffee Day to emphasize Nescafe’s dedication to fair practices and quality coffee within the coffee industry, Nescafe 360 lets you choose your surroundings to accompany your morning pick-me-up. The app offers three 3D videos that encompass the viewer when you place your smartphone within the Nescafe virtual reality viewer.

The videos include breathtaking views, and insider’s view to coffee growing, and interesting facts about Nescafe’s efforts to improve the coffee industry. Nescafe has distributed 10,000 of their virtual reality viewers through storefronts, coffee shops, and contests across the globe. No access to a Nescafe virtual reality viewer? You can see the standard version of the Brazil plantation videos on Nescafe’s YouTube channel.

This innovative move by Nescafe is sure to garner them attention from the tech savvy young adult population and create a new generation of loyal coffee drinkers. Watch the videos and discover new reasons to appreciate your favorite coffee.

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