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Many people can’t start their day without coffee. You may be one of them. Chances are, at least one of your co-workers or employees is one of those people. The kicker is, we’re moving into the winter months and people who claim to need coffee first thing in the morning usually report REALLY needing coffee first thing in the morning throughout winter.

The reason is pretty simple. First, coffee is a stimulant. That means it’s a good pick-me-upper. Secondly, it’ll sure warms things up.

People who love a cup of coffee first thing in the morning in the winter like it because they can feel the warmth of their favorite beverage splash inside their mouths and push into their throats, running down into the pits of their stomachs. The coffee actually warms their bodies on its way down. In the winter, that’s precisely what you want.

There are certain things people just want in the winter. Maybe these are on your list:

  • A cup of coffee
  • A warm blanket
  • A snuggle buddy
  • Their favorite snacks in the cupboard
  • Cable TV

You see what’s on the top of that list? Yeah, America’s favorite beverage.

As an employer, you likely feel like you can’t do much about the other four items there. But you CAN do something about that first item. Your employees will love you all winter long if you supply the office with their favorite hot beverage.

Make winter special – for you and your entire office staff. Order the coffee. Resupply your office break room with the best warmer upper on earth. Coffee is the winter drink of choice for most Americans and if you provide it for your employees this winter, you’ll likely see office morale go right through the roof. Along with the warmth.

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