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As things heat up in the Carolinas, it is time to ensure that you have plenty of refreshing water stocked in your office breakroom. You already know that water is essential to good health, especially as the temperatures begin to rise and people head outside to enjoy the summer heat. However, did you know that Hav-a-Cup offers a wide variety of options when it comes to ensuring that your employees stay well hydrated at the office?

Bottled Water

For convenient single serving sized bottles of top quality spring water, choose bottled water from Quality Spring or Table Rock Spring. Bottled water is ideal for portability and convenience. Hav-a-Cup also offers private labelling of water bottles, making them ideal for handing out at summer events or to visiting customers.

Water Coolers

If your office goes through large quantities of water each day or you are hoping to reduce the waste created by individual servings of water, you can consider water coolers supplied through Hav-a-Cup. Our water coolers are filled with 100% pure spring water from Bald Mountain, so you know it tastes great. Water cooler rental is affordable and environmentally friendly. With hot and cold taps, water can be used for making hot beverages as well. Coolers are stocked with 5 gallon bottles.

Water Filtration Systems

For purified water, choose a commercial water filtration system from Hav-a-Cup. Options include freestanding and countertop models, so that you can select the one that best suits your needs. Sleek, modern design includes stainless steel front and hot and cold water taps. Connect directly to your coffee machine for optimal equipment operation and great tasting coffee.

Contact Hav-a-Cup today to arrange the delivery of the water service that works best for your office.

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