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If there was a miracle drug available that aided digestion and weight loss, gave us energy, and improved brain function, we would all be lining up to take it. Yet, when health experts tell us that this is exactly what water does, we balk. Eight glasses each day? That seems like a lot.

Getting in 64 ounces of water each day can be easier than you think. Most nutritionists suggest simply sipping on it throughout the day, in lieu of sodas and juices, and many of us would drink that much before we know it. The best part, water really does provide the plethora of benefits that we have heard of, including improving brain function.

Even a slight amount of dehydration begins to affect our ability to concentrate and cause severe headaches. It can make us grumpy and difficult to get along with, but we don’t usually realize that it is dehydration that we are suffering from. Challenge yourself to drink 64 ounces of water each day for a week, and see the difference for yourself.

Water keeps the brain firing on all cylinders by removing waste, promoting brain communication, and maintaining proper temperature. That slow, sleepy feeling you get at certain times of the day? It is not always caffeine that you require. Often, basic water would give you the pick-me-up that you need.

Hav-a-Cup helps you and your employees get the vital hydration that you need. With convenient delivery of water and other breakroom supplies to your office, you can ensure that everyone has the water that they need to be optimally productive and healthy throughout the day.

Contact Hav-a-Cup today to learn how you can benefit from their exemplary customer service and unsurpassed delivery program throughout North Carolina.

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