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If your business is like any other business around the world, and your office looks similar to the countless offices we see every day, chances are you run across the sickness season, cold and flu problems, and more around work with germs being passed back and forth, over and over. While there may be nothing you can do about that, since people will naturally get sick anyways, there are still ways that you can make your employees healthier right now, today!

Exercise, Even Non-Traditionally

Do your employees have built in or optional breaks during which they can exercise in any way? Are there opportunities even to walk outside and hold a phone meeting while taking a ten or fifteen minute stroll around your office park campus? It doesn’t have to be an office gym (though that would be cool!), but for many employees, a campus opportunity to provide simple exercise patterns is huge.

It can get your employees moving again, their blood flowing, and most importantly, their brains thinking properly! Plus, it can allow them to back off work for a few minutes at a time, giving them – and you – the opportunity to take a brief respite and pick it back up a few minutes later, more focused, energized, and prepared.

Break Rooms and Hydration Opportunities

Most offices have a break room nowadays, or at least we’d like to hope that your office does, but are you really using it efficiently? Many break rooms are just kind of there, with no mix and match for compatibility with your employee’s needs or desires. What about throwing in a coffee delivery service that provides the caffeine to wake them up, as well as the hydration of water and other juices to keep them healthy throughout the day?

Just having a room where employees can go and relax, re-focus, re-hydrate and use their break can be critical when it comes to employee wellness and health. And, you might be surprised: just a simple break room and a few quick employee breaks throughout the day can make all the difference in terms of their productivity.

Off Days, Work From Home, and Sick Days

While your business surely has a set schedule of off day and sick day opportunities, have you ever considered relaxing it a bit when your employees seem to tense, stressed, or unfocused? Providing for them simple off day and sick day opportunities to work from home can be a great way to keep them productive, but not hold their nose too close to the grind stone when it’s all said and done.

Additionally, your employees could really benefit from having the opportunity to occasionally work from the more relaxed environment from their homes, instead of the office from time to time. While it surely won’t make a huge difference every day, just a brief respite here or there can make all the difference in the world when it comes to employee health and wellness overall.

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