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Cold brew or cold press coffee is simply coffee that has been brewed using coffee grounds and cold water rather than hot water. The process is slower because the grounds must soak in cold water longer in order to attain the same strength and flavor as coffee brewed in the traditional manner. This is not the same as iced coffee, which is simply coffee that has been poured over ice, just like iced tea is hot tea that has been poured over ice.

Now that you know what cold brew is, you are probably wondering why you might want to make it. If it takes hours rather than minutes in order to brew a pot of coffee this way, what are the advantages?

The primary advantage of cold brew coffee are the vitamins and minerals that are extracted from the beans through this prolonged process. Hot water brews faster but does not capture the full health benefits from coffee beans, overheating some compounds and leaving others behind.

Some cold brew drinkers also prefer the flavor of the unheated brew. Less bitterness, more flavor, and less acid are commonly named benefits. For those looking to gain the most nutrients from their coffee or who have a sensitive stomach that is aggravated by traditional coffee, cold brew is a must try.

Cold brew can be set up to soak overnight, so that you can still have your mug of morning coffee. Get all the best flavors of coffee grounds from your favorite brands through Hav-a-Cup. Great coffee, delivered right to your door.


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