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Something new is always happening in the gourmet coffee industry. With American’s never satiated appetite for coffee and new innovations, the two frequently are brought together in modern coffee sensations. The latest is cold brew coffee.

Cold brew coffee, which may also be referred to as cold press coffee, results in a concentrated coffee that is best blended with creamer, milk, ice, or flavored syrups to enjoy. Since it uses cold or room temperature water for brewing, it takes an extended period of time. The result is a strong, cool coffee that combines with your favorite creamers and flavors for a strong, tasty iced coffee.

Coarsely ground coffee beans are ideal for cold brewed coffee. Soak the beans in water at room temperature for about 12 hours to obtain the dark, concentrated coffee that is usually desired in this process. Shorten or lengthen the brew time depending upon your preferences.

Once the brewing is complete, beans must be filtered out of the water. This is normally completed sing a paper or felt filter or metal sieve. With this step complete, the coffee is ready to be blended with your favorite add-ons.

Those who enjoy cold brew coffee appreciate its rich flavor. The process of brewing coffee with hot water causes a different flavor and higher acidity level than cold brew. Iced coffee can be made by pouring hot coffee over ice, but it will have a different flavor than iced coffee created with cold brew.

Interested in trying some cold brew coffee? Contact Hav-a-Cup for all of your coffee supplies delivered to your door.


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