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If you are a coffee lover, and we know you are, you have probably heard the term Fair Trade Organic. You may have the impression that coffee with this status is better than the average brew, but maybe you are not sure why. Hav-a-Cup would like to help you make a well educated decision about the coffee that you choose to provide to your customers and employees, and Fair Trade Organic coffee is an excellent option.

Fair Trade certification refers to the methods utilized to procure coffee from the limited areas in which it can be successfully grown. Many coffee farmers in developing nations have previously been treated unfairly, with middle men paying them a fraction of the value of their crop in order to create a larger profit for themselves. Farmers with limited resources and access to markets had no choice but to take the amount they were offered. Fair Trade ensures that does not happen. The consumer receives top quality coffee, and the farmer receives a fair price that enables them to continue and expand their business.

Organic coffee is grown without the use of synthesized products, such as fertilizers and pesticides. The natural growing process ensures that there are not unwanted chemicals in the final ground coffee product. If you are concerned about the increasing amount of harmful additives in foods and beverages, you can rest assured that organic coffee does not contain these compounds.

Coffee that is Fair Trade and Organic is the finest coffee you can drink. Grown through all natural, safe methods and imported through Fair Trade agreements that ensure top quality and fair compensation make Fair Trade Organic coffee a winner for everyone from farmer to consumer.

Hav-a-Cup offers a variety of Fair Trade Organic coffees that can be included in your next delivery. Simply add it to your online order form, give us a call, or ask your driver during their next stop.

What is your favorite Fair Trade Organic coffee?


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