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Bottled water has become increasingly popular in the United States, but sometimes the options can be overwhelming. Purified, distilled, or spring water – what’s the difference? While some bottled water is treated to remove any impurities or minerals that may be naturally occurring in it, spring water retains the beneficial minerals that are found in clear, fresh spring water.

Taken directly from the source of pure underground spring reservoirs, spring water is untouched and unpolluted, making it ideal for drinking. Free of contaminants yet retaining naturally occurring compounds and minerals, spring water is a refreshing and healthy beverage. Unlike mineral water, which has added minerals, spring water is bottled in its natural form.

Using spring water for brewing coffee or tea adds flavor and beneficial minerals to an already healthy beverage. Spring water is often better for this purpose than tap water, which may contain chemicals added by your municipality.

You can add refreshing spring water to your next Hav-a-Cup order for use in your coffee brewing equipment or to drink as-is. We strive to help you keep a well-stocked breakroom that welcomes employees and increases productivity. Serving the Asheville, Hickory, Winston Salem, and Charlotte areas, Hav-a-Cup delivers breakroom beverages and snacks directly to your door. Contact us today to find out how you can sample our great coffee for free!

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