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Think it doesn’t matter what you keep stocked in your breakroom? According to studies, a well stocked breakroom can make an extraordinary difference in the level of employee morale. By simply using Hav-a-Cup to keep a few basic items on hand for your employees’ use, you are sending a vital message that they are important and you care about their happiness. So, what should you have in your breakroom?

Free coffee and snacks seem like a minor item in the overall scheme of your office operation, but it means as much to your employees as a generous pay raise. Not only does providing coffee and snacks save them time and money, but it reminds them that their comfort and health is important to you. With professional equipment from Hav-a-Cup, your employees can enjoy café quality coffee without a trip to the coffee shop for only a few cents per cup.

Comfortable seating and tables give your employees a place to take a break for a few moments, eat lunch, or hold an informal meeting. A breakroom that is nothing but a counter with a microwave forces employees to eat at their desk. Giving them a change of scenery helps them recharge and increase productivity for the remainder of the day.

A television in the breakroom will help employees relax during lunchtime or stay up to date on the news throughout the day. Employees often feel like they are closed off from the outside world when they are at work all day. A TV enables everyone in the office to feel like they are a part of things beyond their cubicle walls.

These are the basics, but you should also take the time to figure out if there is anything your employees would specifically like. Maybe they would love a ‘leave a book, take a book’ shelf or deck of cards. Hold a brainstorming session and you may be surprised by what you learn.

Hav-a-Cup looks forward to helping you create a welcoming environment in your office breakroom. What do you consider a must have item in your breakroom?


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