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Is tap water bad for you? Will drinking it harm your health? What about bottled water? Is it better? Does it provide more health benefits than tap water?

Health isn’t the only reason to drink bottled water, but it is a good one. Tap water comes from natural and man-made lakes and streams. Sometimes, tap water is derived from an underwater well. However, chemicals from human consumption can often get into water supplies and contaminate tap water. While municipalities have ways to test water and purify it, no system is perfect.

Bottled water follows a different process. Because it is often purified using different purifying techniques than tap water, you can be sure that the water you drink from bottles will taste better.

What’s In Bottled Water?

One very important difference between bottled water and tap water is regulation concerning the former. Bottled water manufacturers are required to include the contents of your bottled water on the labels. Bottled water is regulated by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

Bottle water manufacturers are also required to identify the types of water they include in the bottle. For instance, they must state what percentage of the water is made from well water, distilled water, ground water, artesian water, etc. Tap water usually comes from the same source within a specific geographic area. Your local municipality or water supplier should be able to tell you the source of your tap water.

When choosing bottled water, it’s best to stick with name brands. If you go with some of the smaller companies that produce bottled water, you may not know much about how the company manufactures its product.

Order Bottled Water For Your Home

Bottled water can be good for your home. You don’t have to give up tap water completely, but you’ll feel better drinking bottled water.

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