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Looking to lose weight? Want to tone up and look and feel better for the upcoming bikini (yikes!) season? Well, guess what? There’s a really, really simple way to lose a bunch of weight: drinking water!

Ok, so you may not be able to lose 50 pounds by just drinking water, but drinking water has huge benefits when it comes to promoting weight loss, improving your metabolism, streamlining your body, promoting healthy muscle growth, improving focus and mental clarity, and even clearing up your skin!

So if you are looking to tone up a bit for the summer, or are still working on that New Year’s Resolution to lose some pounds, start an exercise program and drink a little water!

Improve your metabolism

First and foremost, drinking water throughout the day is a huge boost to your metabolism. Your metabolism (and really, your entire body) works very, very well when it comes to being hydrated, and the more water you put in your body – to a point, of course – the better reactions you are going to get out of it! Drink to boost your metabolism and make your internal processes work more efficiently in time!

Make your body work better!

Not only does it boost your metabolism, but drinking water improves your digestion tract and your conversion of calories to usable energy in the body. Your blood moves better and your muscles and joints work better when well hydrated – just like using oil to “hydrate” a car in a similar metaphorical sense. Food may be the gasoline for your body as a vehicle, and water is the oil that keeps everything running right!

Stave off hunger with thirst-quenching habits

Finally, if you want to lose weight, eat less! Sounds obvious, right? While it can be tough to do this, one way to make it happen is by drinking water in between meals and throughout the day. You’ll find that often times, you aren’t hungry like you thought, but rather thirsty and searching for a drink instead of calories. Drinking water will keep you from eating those harmful excess calories while promoting great weight loss in an easy and accessible way!

All in all, water is great for your body, and your body wants it every single day. Make it a point to have a water bottle around you whenever possible, and make it a goal to drink a reasonable amount of water throughout the day – even if you start with just one glass at a time. As you build your water-drinking habits, you’ll notice how much better you feel and how much more impressive you look and act, thanks to your new habits of drinking water and staying healthy and hydrated. Drink up!

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