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You may not appreciate the colder temperatures and threat of snow, but everyone loves winter coffee flavors. A warm mug of tasty coffee can bring us comfort and that feeling of curling up in front of a toasty fireplace, even if we are enjoying it at work.

For some winter coziness in a cup, try these delicious flavors now available from your local coffee service, Hav-A-Cup.

  • Raspberry Chocolate Cream: Some of these winter coffees sound more like desserts, but you can have your flavor without the calories when you choose this luscious fruity coffee with just enough chocolate to please your sweet tooth.
  • Swiss Mocha Almond: For another coffee that can mentally transport you to your favorite cozy refuge, try Swiss Mocha Almond. The satisfying scent of sweet almonds will bring a smile to your face before your first chocolaty sip.
  • Irish Crème: For a taste that warms you from the inside out, try this timeless favorite. A creamy, sweet coffee perfect in the morning or after dinner – and any time in between!
  • Cinnamon Roll: The spicy sweetness of a fresh cinnamon roll is cleverly captured in this delicious coffee. This flavor is available in K-cups for added convenience.

If you would like to enjoy some delicious winter coffee flavors at your office as well as inject a little bit of fun into a cold winter day, consider setting up a festive coffee bar.

Brew a few aromatic pots of flavored coffees, then add some creamers and toppings to your smorgasbord. Set out whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles, mint leaves, marshmallows, and other fun coffee additions for an extended coffee break. Provide chocolate dipped spoons or peppermint sticks for flavorful coffee stirrers. Scatter some Christmas decorations around your coffee buffet to ring in the season and spread some holiday cheer.

Hav-a-Cup can provide you with all the ingredients you need for an office coffee bar, delivered directly to your door by your trusted local coffee service. Serving Asheville, Charlotte, Hickory and Winston-Salem areas.

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